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Making the right choice: different dogs and their different food needs

Choices regarding what our dogs eat can often be a little overwhelming; we love our pooches, and we want to make the right decisions for them.

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Dogs and chocolate: What’s the deal?

We’ve all been there, when our dogs have dug into the pantry in pursuit of – well anything edible! As dog owners, it’s so important that we know what to keep off our bottom shelves and why.

Table-scraps: to share or not to share?

Sharing a meal with others - it’s one of the ways humans have shown affection and companionship since the dawn of time. It’s only natural that the temptation is often no different when it comes to our furry family members.

4 mistakes people make with feeding their dogs

There’s a lot that goes into looking after our dogs and as man’s best friend, the last thing that any of us want, is to be neglecting our special canine companions.

Dog food ingredients and nutrition: why what your dog eats matters.

Now more than ever we’re seeing just how important it is to know what we’re putting in our food and in our bodies.